Geotechnical Projects

Blacktop Consulting Engineers has the capacity to handle small or large projects.  Some projects which we have successfully completed are described below.

  • Geotechnical investigation work for the first stage (36 antennas) of the $111M Australian Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Pathfinder Radio Telescope (ASKAP) project to be delivered by the CSIRO. The project is situated at a greenfield site within Boolardy Station in the Murchison.  BCE’s geotechnical investigation of each remote antenna site included test pit construction with 30t excavator, DCP testing to assess the insitu strength and CBR of the foundation soils, sampling and soil resistivity testing at each antenna site using Wenner method and using a DET2/2 Megger soil resistivity tester.  Pavement investigation works including investigation of approximately 9km of proposed access road alignment and dipping’s for CBR / MDD, PSD & PI.  Investigation for potential sources of borrow materials for road construction was also undertaken.  Blacktop laboratory completed all sampled soils laboratory testing for the project.
  • The geotechnical investigation work for the $50M first stage of the Greenough River Solar Farm (10MW) in WA in 2012.  Project is Australia’s first utility scale solar farm and the largest in Australia (in October, 2012).  It is located at Nangetty Walkaway Road, Walkaway, 50 kilometres southeast of Geraldton. The solar farm covers 80 hectares.  BCE completed geotechnical investigation for the site, permeability testing, resistivity and thermal resistivity testing, pavement investigation and design and driven steel pile lateral and pull out testing.  BCE completed a similar investigation for the second stage expansion of the project in 2016.
  • Geotechnical investigation for infrastructure at the $1.5B Karara iron ore project.  BCE also completed the 90km Karara Haul Road investigation for Thiess in 2006 and investigation for potential sources of borrow materials for road construction.  Blacktop laboratory completed all soils laboratory testing for the project.  Blacktop laboratory provided site laboratories at Karara for the construction of the mine and rail working for NRW, Macmahon and Midwest Rail Joint Venture during 2010, 2011 & 2012.  BCE also completed the geotechnical investigation for Karara at Geraldton Port Authority Lease 52 for the construction of the 300m long magnetite concentrate storage building facility.
  • Georgiou Group Pty Ltd appointed BCE in 2015 as Geotechnical Consultants to assist with the construction of Bridge 5371 (Abraham St Over GSTC).  BCE scope of work included review Geotechnical Reports for Bridge 5371 and provide an indication of expected conditions, review project drawings and specifications for bearing conditions and requirements, co-ordinate plate load bearing tests on a trial section, inspection & assessment of structural foundations, including inspection and assessment of natural foundation and provide professional advice on the bearing capacity & providing advice on the type and extent of works required to obtain the required capacity.
  • BCE completed a geotechnical investigation at the site proposed for the new standalone Newman Hospital in 2016 for Department of Finance which included acid sulfate and asbestos investigation.  In 2013 BCE completed a geotechnical investigation at the large Lot situated in the Newman town centre on the corner of Newman Drive and Market Place for AECOM & BHP.  This Lot has since been redeveloped into a large shopping and community building precinct in the town centre.
  • In 2015 BCE completed a geotechnical investigation at the site proposed to construct the new Dongara Allied Health Centre.   It was requested that BCE confirm the site geotechnical design parameters required for the new building design.  BCE also completed the geotechnical investigation for the nearby second stage of the Arcadia Waters retirement village situated at Lot 742 Fletcher Street, Port Denison.
  • In 2016 BCE completed a geotechnical investigation for Parks and Wildlife at the preferred airstrip site for construction of a rural airstrip on Dirk Hartog Island.  The preferred airstrip site will be able to be constructed to a standard suitable for RFDS aircraft.  BCE partnered with AMS and provided an airstrip survey and design for an airstrip to meet CASA and RFDS requirements, including production of working drawings, specifications for construction and construction cost estimate.  BCE have also earlier completed aerodrome investigation for the Shire of Exmouth.
  • In 2016 BCE also assisted Parks and Wildlife by completing a geotechnical investigation in the native soils to assist in rehabilitation of Meanarra Hill which is located approximately 4.5km east of the Kalbarri town site on the Ajana – Kalbarri Rd.  The Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPW) intend to rehabilitate eroded areas of Meanarra Hill. Works which include sculpting, terracing, ripping and revegetating eroded ground surfaces are being considered by DPW. The works undertaken were assisted by information learned from test pitting and laboratory materials testing of the site soils.
  • In 2017 BCE completed a geotechnical assessment of selected sites in the Kalbarri National Park for Department of Parks and Wildlife Mid-West Region which included Geotechnical survey and assessment at the sites: Natural Bridge & Castle Cove, Island Rock, Shell House & Grandstand, Eagle Gorge, Red Bluff, Loop Car Park Lookout & Stairway, Z Bend Lookout, Hawk’s Head Lookout and Nature’s Window.  Ground assessment at each site to determine geological/structural stability, soil stability, erosion damage/susceptibility and any remedial or maintenance actions required.  Inspect and assess condition of lookout structures (Natural Bridge & Castle Cove, Island Rock, Shell House & Grandstand, Eagle Gorge, Red Bluff, Loop Car Park Lookout & Stairway, Z Bend and Hawk’s Head) including adequacy of lookout set-backs from cliff edges, structural integrity of footings, posts/supports, bearers and joists, fixings, decking, handrails and balustrades, recommended ongoing maintenance requirements to structures and site (e.g. Drainage management), recommended frequency of professional structural engineering and/or geotechnical inspections.
  • In 2011 BCE conducted a geotechnical investigation for development of the Beharra Springs Gas Plant Dongara for Origin Energy Resources Ltd.  In 2017 BCE completed a geotechnical investigation at the site proposed for Stage 2 of the Waitsia Gas project in the Dongara gas field for GPA Engineering.
  • BCE completed the geotechnical investigation and were appointed the site civil works coordinator for the successful 2010 $100M upgrade of Iluka Resources Geraldton Narngulu Plant.
  • BCE completed plate load bearing assessment for crane pad and infrastructure at Geraldton Port for Laing O’Rourke, Karara and Central Earthmoving in 2010.  Three acid sulfate soils (ASS) and potential acid sulfate soils (PASS) studies were also completed for the purpose of construction of piling at the Karara train unloader for Laing O’Rourke.
  • BCE routinely complete investigations for residential, industrial and commercial land development projects.  Deliverables include the AS2870-2011 site classification for the sites, recommendations to assist in constructing site earthworks such as a description of soil types, a description of the expected behaviour of the soils, suitable compaction machinery, site preparation, lift thickness, compaction requirements, acceptable compaction testing methods based on the soil types, suggested compaction testing frequency, stability criteria for open excavations, erosion and sediment control guidance, soil organic content, soil density, permeability, suitable fill materials, soil bearing capacity and settlement estimates, suitable foundation and retaining wall options, laboratory determined CBR pavement design parameters, recommendations for pavement construction, earthquake site sub-soil class, wind design criteria, acid sulfate soils investigation, recommendations for the construction of site drainage.  These studies meet the requirements of the Department of Planning and local authority requirements.
  • BCE completed the geotechnical investigations required for large building projects at ASKAP Murchison Support Facility at the Geraldton University Centre, Kojarena defence base antenna and infrastructure installations, Fisheries and DEC’s new office development in Denham, Downer EDI’s new asphalt plant in Narngulu, Albany wastewater treatment plant, CBH Geraldton terminal, Waste water plant Geraldton Port Authority, SIMS Metal Kwinana steel recycling facility, Centro Stirling’s shopping centre re development Geraldton, Fine Entry new shipbuilding shed at Geraldton Port, Weigh Bridge facility Carnarvon Shire, QR National rail weigh bridge facility Narngulu, Golden Grove mine infrastructure extensions, Golden Grove Portal assessment, Mt Magnet Gold new lime silo, Beverley Community Sport & Recreation facility, $500M Three Springs Power Plant, Shark Bay Resources truck workshop and wash down facility, OXIANA storage facility at Geraldton Port Authority, ALDI store Geraldton, Willcock College expansion & CGG Animal Shelter.
  • BCE have completed land capability studies for subdivision land development projects including Beachlands subdivision, Moresby, Seafields Estate, Exmouth and Deepdale.  BCE regularly complete site investigation, site classification and foundation design for residential and commercial buildings.  Clients include Department of Housing.  Projects are completed from Broome to Albany.
  • Sampling and interpretation of laboratory soils analysis for purpose of establishing material and engineering design parameters. Blending design and testing naturally occurring site materials to produce construction materials (basecourse) which meet engineering design and construction specifications.
  • Geotechnical and resistivity testing for antenna and mobile phone tower installations through WA.
  • In 2016 BCE have completed sampling and testing for WBHO for lead and chemical contamination in soil in Northampton following a hardware store fire.  In 2014 following a heavy vehicle roll over incident on the Mt Magnet – Leinster road BCE were commissioned by Daynite Towing to prepare a report to validate remediation of the site to ensure that no contamination remains on-site which may pose a risk based on Guideline for the Assessment of Sites Incorporating Underground Storage Tanks and Contaminated Site Assessment Guidelines for the Development of Sampling and Analysis Programs (Guidelines) as amended December 2001 provided by Department of Environmental Resources (DER), Government of Western Australia.
  • In 2009 BCE were requested by Adcroft Architects to identify potential soil contamination at the proposed New Early Learning Centre at Lot 11 Keesing Street, Cooke Point Port Hedland. The purpose of the investigation is to identify whether there is any obvious evidence of contamination present at the targeted sampling locations that should be considered in any future development of the site.
  • Pavement investigations for MRWA and the CGG including GNH, Gould Rd, Indian Ocean Drive.  Asphalt failure investigations for CGG.

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