Structural Projects

Blacktop Consulting Engineers has the capacity to handle small or large projects.  Some projects which we have successfully completed are described below.

  • Design, documentation, certification (and construction supervision if requested) of residential and commercial building improvements including single and multistorey buildings, sheds, plants, factories and workshops for cyclonic and non-cyclonic regions. 
  • Design, documentation and certification of building components including lintels (and stainless steel lintels), roof tie down, shade sails, mezzanine floors, stairs, retaining walls, fences, screen walls, garages, carports, patios, trusses, signs. 
  • All designs completed to local authority and current Australian design standards.  Projects successfully completed include extensions to City of Greater Geraldton (CGG) Civic Centre and offices, Highbury secondary school campus buildings upgrade Geraldton, TAFE, Dawson’s and Coles Geraldton supermarkets, Kalbarri high school manual arts building design check, design of Maicon Engineering new workshop including gantry cranes, design of Byland Engineering new workshop including gantry cranes, bridge crane for RCR workshop, CGG animal shelter offices, conversion of Lotteries House to apartments and many builder and private customer building design and certification projects. 
  • BCE regularly complete the structural design of projects in reinforced concrete, masonry, timber, aluminium, LVL, stainless steel, Bondor panel and steel. 
  • BCE regularly complete design of building and container tie down for cyclonic and non-cyclonic regions. 
  • Footing and slab design for houses and commercial buildings for all classes of sites in accordance with AS2870-2011.  First floor suspended slab design.  Articulated masonry wall design. 
  • Certification of working load limits (WLL) for industrial equipment such as monorail cranes, gantry cranes, lifting equipment, pad eyes, jack stands, man cages, davit cranes, equipment stands, conveyors and trestles, transport cradles, mobile stairs and platforms, trestles, boat stands, gantries.  BCE regularly complete design and certification of new and modifications to existing load rated walkways, handrail, gridmesh & FRP and platform infrastructure. 
  • Structural connection design and load rating for bolts, chemical anchors and welded connections. 
  • BCE have a thorough understanding of corrosion processes and regularly specify corrosion remediation.  BCE are experts in durability design in corrosive environments and our designs are specified to a high level of corrosion resistance and durability. 
  • BCE have worked closely with DIAB Engineering to develop 20t and 100t conveyor belt winders.  BCE have also assisted DIAB with the design of several crusher wear plate installation jigs which will are used to install wear plates in large primary crushers used in mining.  The jigs are circular shaped and rated to carry up to 20t of wear plates in a vertical position in readiness for their attachment to the crusher. Outriggers attached to the jig carousel hold the wear plates. The jigs are craned into the crusher by 3 pad eye lift points attached to the top of each jig. BCE have also designed several large crusher stands for DIAB and other heavy industrial equipment. 
  • Bridge design was completed in 2017 for Ramelius to design structural upgrades to their primary crusher loading bridge to allow the existing bridge which was rated for a maximum gross vehicle weight on the ramp of 57t (which was the weight of a 988 B front end loader when the loading ramp was designed) up to the loaded weight of the Cat 988H front end loader currently in service of 62.5t. Design considered wear, tear and corrosion which have caused deterioration of the concrete and steel ramp structure. In 2016 BCE assisted Shark Bay Salt to provide a load rating to determine if the Cloughs Bar bridge will be adequate to support various items of machinery.  In 2013 BCE designed a heavy machinery load rated Flume Bridge for SBS.  In 2015 BCE designed a steel and concrete road cattle grid for GE Group for loads as outlined in Australian Standard AS5100.2:2004 Bridge Design; Part 2 Design Loads. In 2014 BCE provided a load rating for a reinforced concrete bridge inside MGI Storage Shed 5 to ensure that maintenance vehicles can safely traffic the bridge if required. 
  • In 2016 BCE delivered one of the largest structural steel remediation projects undertaken by the company which was a current assessment by inspection of steelwork condition and to provide a concise work scope for repair of the 65m high pre-heater tower steelwork to return the structure to it’s as constructed condition.  The detailed identification of the work required (provided in this report and marked on site) was essential to Contractors when quoting as well as to outline the standard and extent of repair expected by Cockburn.  BCE’s approach to complete was to inspect every structural member and connection on the pre-heater tower, provide every structural member with reference marking (usually comprising of a number).  The reference mark was marked on the structural drawings, document the work recommended to the member, the connection cleats and report whether bolt replacement is required.  Work recommended to the member comprises of replacing the member, repairing the member insitu or applying new surface treatment only.  Provide colour coded marking of the members on the structural drawings indicating the work type recommended to be completed to the members.  A colour coded spreadsheet was provided detailing the precise work recommended to be completed to the members and associated quantities.  Colour coded marking was provided on the insitu members indicating the work recommended to be completed to the members.  The report provided tonnage of steelwork plates estimated as required to be welded onto member’s insitu to repair the member’s insitu for Contractor quoting purposes.  The report provided tonnage of steelwork for all members (including connection plates etc. attached to the member and connection plates requiring replacement on insitu members) specified for replacement for Contractor quoting purposes. The report provided the surface areas for insitu members and connections specified for new surface treatment only and also surface areas for insitu members specified for repair insitu for Contractor quoting purposes. 
  • In 2016 & 2017 Tronox requested BCE to assess and provide a report on the condition of structural steelwork on the WCP at the Cooljarloo mine site. Steelwork is deteriorating due to exposure. The report made an assessment of the condition of the horizontal steelwork members and provided a priority ranking for either member repair or replacement. It was intended that this work would assist to ensure a safe WCP working environment as well as be used by Tronox Management as a tool in WCP maintenance forecasting and planning. 
  • Since 2014 BCE have been completing annual inspection reports for Mt Gibson Iron of their Storage Shed 4 & 5 and materials handling facilities situated at the Geraldton Port. MGI has since increased the scope to include all of Mid-West Port Authority common user infrastructure.  The reports provide a detailed description of the structural integrity of key structural steel and concrete components including steel trusses, fly bracing, columns, beams, bracing, girts, purlins, bridging, stairs, conveyors, guarding, walkways, steel cladding and monorails, concrete bund walls, floors, suspended slabs and column pedestals.   A detailed repair methodology scope of work is provided for all required repair actions.  Ranking the repair priority in three categories levels. Level 1 requires action within 6 months. Level 2 requires action within 18 months, and Level 3 requires action within 30 months is provided. 
  • In 2016 & 2017 BCE have completed detailed reports on GMA’s Narngulu dry plant to address Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) issues raised.  BCE provided a procedure to rectify any structural deficiencies.  In 2016 BCE completed similar work at Ramelius Resources Mt Magnet Gold operations.  In 2015 BCE completed DMP assessment on buildings at Dampier Salt. 
  • Concrete cancer damage and remediation reports on houses, public buildings and infrastructure including schools, police stations, courthouses, Geraldton RSL, Centro Stirling’s, culvert bridges and mining infrastructure. BCE roles in these projects encompass determining the cause and rectification of building defects.  Concrete cancer has been reported and rectified at Exmouth High School, Exmouth Court House and Exmouth Police Station, Mullewa High School walkways and verandas, Nagle Catholic College, Tardun Agricultural College buildings (where supervision of repair work was also provided), Iluka Narngulu, St Barbara mine Meekatharra, Golden Grove mine Yalgoo, Iluka port sheds and numerous privately owned coastal balconies. 
  • Structural building reports which report age related structural problems, structural defects resulting from construction, or damage caused by impact, fire, storm or earthquake such as masonry cracking and / or brick and mortar fretting, steel corrosion, timber deterioration and their rectification have been completed by BCE on the Geraldton Court House, Northampton Sporting Complex, numerous bulk storage sheds, Water Authority assets at Geraldton and Carnarvon, Billabong Road House and on buildings owned by Agriculture Department, the CGG and privately. 
  • Lester Smith has been providing structural engineering services to Iluka at their Narngulu operations since 1997.  BCE have assisted in refurbishment projects and installation and modification of new and existing plant structural steelwork in almost all operational areas at the Narngulu Minerals Plant.  BCE have recently completed a detailed structural integrity report dated 3 November 2016 on the current condition of the final product bin silos and galleries which included assessment of thickness testing of the steel silos.  BCE have also recently completed a structural integrity walk around report dated 21 December 2016 which encompassed the remainder of the minerals plant.  BCE are familiar with the Iluka plant, existing equipment, operational requirements and Iluka staff expectations. 
  • In 2005 Lester designed a suspended conveyor gallery for CSBP which was installed at CSBP Geraldton plant in 2005.  This conveyor gallery comprised of a rectangular trussed frame structure. The enclosed gallery is approximately 35m in length, 2m wide and 2.3m high. At the request of CSBP BCE have been monitoring the performance and structural condition of the gallery and have completed structural reports on the gallery in 2014 & 2017.  This continued involvement with the design has allowed us to monitor the performance of the gallery design over a 10-year period.  BCE regularly provide structural designs for upgrade of CSBP Geraldton plant. 
  • In 2016 BCE were awarded the contract by The CGG to carry out condition assessment of 33 light poles within the City of Greater Geraldton and Mullewa. The information supplied in the condition assessment report allowed the CGG Infrastructure Services team to plan and budget for asset renewals and maintenance on the inspected poles for the next 3 years.  In 2017 BCE completed light pole condition assessments for the Shire of Irwin at the Dongara bowling club and the skate park. 
  • Structural remediation of heritage buildings including awning support repairs to 3 separate privately owned heritage listed shop fronts on Marine Terrace. 
  • Retaining structure design and documentation in a variety of materials and design types. 
  • Design, documentation and contract administration of numerous public coastal and gorge cliff lookout and walkway structure facilities.  Walkways and lookouts designed and documented for Department of Environment including Eagle Bluff and Cape Peron at Shark Bay, and the Loop, Hawkes Head and Z bend in Kalbarri National park.
  • Design, Documentation and Construction Management for the Establishment of Jetty and Boat Shed Facility for Fisheries WA at Rat Island Abrolhos Islands.  Lester completed design and document jetty for berthing of 25m vessels with on deck boat storage facility, investigation and development of fuel storage facilities and contract administration and construction supervision.  Lester has also completed design and documentation of upgrades to the East Wallabi jetty for Fisheries WA 
  • Structural Report on Carnarvon One Mile Jetty for Carnarvon Heritage Council.  Design and Documentation of Carnarvon Yacht Club Marina Stage 2 including design of piles for cyclonic moorings, design of revetment walls and design of walkway facilities. 
  • BCE have designed fall arrest anchorage and other items permitting access on the KA Band antenna, X Band antennas and water tank structures at the BAE Systems Australia (Kojarina Satellite Communication Station.  BCE have also designed fall anchorage for MGI in 2016.  In 2015 BCE designed a horizontal lifeline system for Iluka to allow a section of the roof to be removed to allow the installation of equipment. 
  • BCE have designed and certified modifications to earthmoving machinery and heavy vehicles.  In 2015 BCE assisted Kelly’s Truck & Marine Service to lighten the mass of their Class 3 tow truck.  BCE were also requested to determine the WLL towing capacity of the boom pin.  BCE have assisted CEM with several grader rebuilds and certified repairs to Rollover (ROPS) and falling object (FOPS) protective structures.  In 2012 & 2013 BCE assisted FESA with several vehicles to ensure that the restraint of new trays, water tanks and the appliance frames to the vehicle conforms to guidelines and performance standards for the safe carriage of loads on road vehicles issued by the National Transport Commission.  BCE completed similar design for Geraldton Cranes & Haulage to transport counterweights and equipment for a 250t capacity crane to and from site.  The counterweights and equipment are transported on a number of low loader trailers. 
  • In 2015 BCE provided a design to strengthen an existing jetty at the Geraldton Port for the Eco Abrolhos which is a 35m long vessel and has been fitted out for extended charter tours of the Abrolhos Islands.  The design was completed by determining the Berthing Energy based on international codes of practice including Code of Practice for Design of Fendering and Mooring Systems BS 6349: Part 4: 1994 and then checks made that the steel piled skeleton structure is adequate to absorb the berthing energy in accordance with AS4100 Steel structures code without imparting energy into the existing jetty. 
  • In 2016 BCE assisted Freyssinet, who were in the process of a $30M refurbishment of CBH’s 10000t steel grain storage silos situated at the Geraldton Port to advise if the transfer house building and overcell galleries were structurally adequate to support loads imposed via scaffold connections to the top of the transfer house building I-beam columns and the underside of the overcell galleries. 
  • Demolition Projects, Lot 925 NWCH supervised for Landcorp, BHP Brickette plant Port Hedland demolition documented and supervised by BCE for Able demolition, Salvation Army building awning in Geraldton.

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