Structural Engineering Services

Blacktop Consulting Engineers have the capacity to provide a wide variety of structural engineering design and certification services.  Work is completed to the requirements of current relevant Australian Design Standards and each client’s specific requirements.

Blacktop Consulting Engineers offer the following structural services:

  • Design, documentation, certification (and supervision if requested) of residential and commercial building improvements (for cyclonic and non-cyclonic regions) including single and multistorey buildings, mezzanines, patios, sheds, factories and workshops.
  • Structural design in reinforced concrete, masonry, timber, aluminium, LVL, stainless steel, Bondor panel and steel.  Design of retaining walls, fences & screen walls. Footing and slab design for houses and commercial buildings for all classes of sites in accordance with AS2870-2011.  Suspended slab design.  Articulated masonry wall design.
  • Certification of working load limits (WLL) for industrial equipment such as monorail cranes, gantry cranes, lifting equipment, pad eyes, jack stands, man cages, davit cranes, equipment stands, conveyors and trestles, transport cradles, belt winders, mobile stairs and platforms, trestles, boat stands, gantries.  
  • Structural design of load rated walkways, platform and conveyor gallery infrastructure.
  • Structural connection design and load rating for bolts, chemical anchors, welds.  High corrosion resistant specification treatments for steel and durable designs.
  • Bridge design.
  • Structural steel remediation to DMP requirements and to assist with maintenance forecasting and planning.
  • Concrete cancer remediation
  • Structural building reports which report age related structural problems, structural defects resulting from construction, or damage caused by impact, fire, storm or earthquake and their rectification.
  • Fall arrest design.

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