Blacktop Materials Engineering has the capability to undertake a range of soils tests adhering to the Australian Standards and Main Roads Western Australia Standards as per the client’s specification requirements. All of the below tests are on Blacktop Material Engineering’s Scope of Accreditation.

Blacktop Materials Engineering specific soil testing range includes:

  • Sampling / Site Selection / Sample Preparation
  • Moisture Content / Drybacks
  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Particle Size Distribution – Standard method of fine analysis using a hydrometer
  • Emerson Class
  • Liquid Limit
  • Plastic Limit
  • Plasticity Index
  • Linear Shrinkage
  • Shrink-swell Index Tests
  • Compaction Tests (MMDD & SMDD)
  • Bearing Strength Tests (CBR Soaked and Unsoaked)
  • Uniaxial Strength Tests (MDCS)
  • Permeability of a soil – Constant Head & Falling Head methods
  • Field Density Tests (NDM)
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Tests
  • Perth Sand Penetrometer Tests
  • Performing Plate Load Bearing Tests
  • Testing for Organic Matter
  • Testing for Total Soluble Salts in Soil & Water


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